In these times of COVID, I am certain you are still in need of the same healing, comfort, and emotional support as always, if not more so! And I'm still here for you. 


As a Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner you can receive the same comfort and healing as always, only now with Virtual Comforting Touch! Online Havening Sessions with Yours Truly are available going forward to support you and yours through the storm. 

Havening is a psychosensory healing modality that helps people:

  • Reduce feelings of fear, anxiety and emotional distress.

  • Increase feelings of empowerment, safety, peacefulness and calm.

  • Access these emotions on demand.

  • Grow your sense of resiliency, resourcefulness, and self-trust.

  • Recover from trauma.

  • And even reduce the experience of physical discomfort and pain!

  • Plus, for pregnant people, all the benefits are passed along to baby.

"Such grief and sadness was choking me, feeling so close but far from my parents, and spun out by the changes upon us. Yiska Obadia gave me a virtual havening session, a way to work with trauma, so I could receive what was coming up and meet it with physical solace, emotional resilience, and light— and let it transform into something new and accessible. Friends this shit is STAT handy and she is an utter joy. If you are needing this now, reach out to Yiska." Sara Nolan

Contact me if you have questions or to schedule a session. Sessions last between 60-90 minutes and the cost is $175. As desired, personalized acupressure point prescriptions can be included to provide you with additional support.


Group virtual havening sessions are also available if this is something you're interested in sharing with your online organization or business community.


And partners who are "social distancing" together, during pregnancy, postpartum, or otherwise can also book me for a private tutorial so you can learn how to support each other with Havening & Comforting Touch through these trying times.

You can also search my site for other virtual offerings, such as my Comforting Touch for Birth Digital Guidebook, Sustainable Doula's Guide Video Series, FREE videos, Comfort Measures for Birth Checklist, and Virtual Doula Services.




Want to try havening out for FREE?


This 1-hour video will introduce you to havening and walk you through a powerful self-havening practice to help you navigate any worries and concerns you may be having about COVID-19 and reconnect you with a sense of inner calm, resourcefulness and hope.


Remember, practices that function to reduce our stress load are another significant way we can boost our immune systems and combat the Coronavirus!

If you find this havening practice beneficial, please share this link with your loved ones. Access to this zoom recording is completely FREE, although I am accepting donations through my venmo account @Yiska-Obadia.

I recommend watching the video from a comfortable, distraction-free place if possible with pen and paper handy for the writing parts. I promise it will be worth your time.

A little about myself. 25 years ago my professional life as a massage therapist began. Not long after I added acupuncture to my services. But nothing changed my life more than the day I attended my first birth. I not only discovered the wonder of birth on that day. I also found a space where I could be fully put to use -- my warm and compassionate nature, and a grounding and nurturing touch, coming together to ensure my clients always feel supported and held.


Comforting Touch for Birth came years later. It’s a culmination of all my skills and experience, allowing me to teach doulas and expectant parents how to provide their own caring and effective hands-on support. While I am passionate about teaching Comforting Touch and birth work, I am also thoroughly obsessed with the powers of bodywork and relish all the lives I'm able to touch, inside and outside the context of birth. I live and practice in NYC and offer my classes and workshops wherever the good word spreads!

Learn more about my practice and background here.

​"Yiska is the best in New York! I saw her for prenatal massages regularly through my pregnancy and I am now seeing her for post natal treatments. She is extremely knowledgable about the mind, body and spirit aspects of both pregnancy and birth. She helped me with lower back pain, sciatica and preparing my body for labor once I hit 37 weeks. My husband and I also did a private massage class with her in our home for techniques to use during labor. She taught him massage techniques to help me during contractions and how to relax in between contractions. Yiska is very calming and kind and her massages are amazing!" -Lauren

Step by step instructions and video demonstrations teaching you exactly how to touch any laboring person in a way that is deeply satisfying & comforting.


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