Mindful Birth: Words Can Be Comforting Too

An article came out last month in the NY Times talking about the benefits of a mindful pregnancy. You can read the piece here. It reminded me of a doula client of mine from a few years back whose labor pains increased significantly when she started to get panicked about not having a room. (An unfortunate and increasingly common occurance in many NYC hospitals.) Up until that point, she'd been laboring so beautifully, then just as soon as she was bumped out of the present moment (and into the hallway), her pain became overwhelming and unbearable. After that intense contraction had passed, I helped her recover her breath. I pointed out the difference between the sensations she'd been experienc

How's IVF going? Don't Ask.

I can't believe that just 1 week ago I was thinking to myself, this IVF thing isn't THAT bad! Sure, there was some anxiety and crampiness after the egg retrieval, but things had been progressing pretty straight forward for us. That was until all 4 of our embryos came back with abnormal genetic testing results. All four?! Yep. Needless to say, we were crushed. I'd been preparing for the frozen embryo transfer while we waited and had started feeling hopeful. I was even giddy thinking how our transfer would have been scheduled on my 42nd birthday. On the other side of all the feelings of anger, disappointment, sadness, grief, regret, confusion, humility, shame, and even some sweet mom

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