Letting go, not giving up.

Every time I've shared about our fertility journey, despite the disappointments, frustrations and flat out grief over the past 7 years, I've always written with some kind of clarity and hope about what's next. This time, the road ahead is less clear. Our fifth IVF transfer with our last remaining donor egg embryo failed last month. With no embryos left, the next steps are uncertain. After all, it's not like embryos, or the money that pays for them, grow on trees! Part of me is thoroughly embarrassed by my body's failure. Why is it so much easier sometimes to have more compassion for others than we do ourselves? I certainly don't judge other women who struggle. Part of me is grateful at this

Low back pain relief!

I have a gift for you this week for those of you who ever suffer with low back pain or tension or wish you could help someone else who does. Low back pain is a super common complaint and whether I'm teaching Comforting Touch or working with people one on one, it comes up often. Recently I was reminded of a wonderful exercise that helps release the low back by stretching the psoas muscle and can be useful to practically anyone. Whether your lower back gets achy, stiff or tired from sitting too much or standing too much or even from the emotional stresses of life, this simple stretch helps relieve pain and stiffness by releasing your hip flexors to restore balance between your front and back b

More exciting than amusement parks.

Ever since I began developing my curriculum for Comforting Touch for Doulas, I started spending a lot of time thinking about what actually makes touch feel comforting, especially during birth. As a doula I knew much of my job was to preserve my clients' access to feeling safe and supported so she could maintain her solitary focus on the job of birthing her baby. With time I started to understand that the hormones of birth, such as oxytocin (the bonding love hormone) and endorphins (the feel good hormones) were essential for the smooth unfolding of birth. To the converse, stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline are inhibitory. Meaning, people need to feel safe for birth's uninhibited

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