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Comforting Touch for Doulas

  • Do you ever worry about not knowing what to do with your hands with your clients?

  • Do you feel unsure about how close or how deep to go with your touch? 

  • Or do you already feel confident and simply want to expand your repertoire to bring more comfort and support to laboring people with your touch? 

28 years of massage practice and 20+ years of doula experience has shown me how to teach you what you need to know. 

Comforting Touch for Doulas is a training for the doula, of any experience level who wants to add more skillful touch to their bag of tricks! If you’re looking for additional ways to tend your clients in birth, Comforting Touch for Doulas is here for you!


We cover the where, when & how for a variety of hands-on techniques you can use immediately to support your clients. 

In-person full day experiential hands-on trainings, and virtual learning options are available. Continue reading for more details.

Photo credit: Jae Carey

 Next IN-PERSON Training Dates:

November 10th, 2024
New York, NY (details below)

Or get the virtual class on-demand here.

Virtual Comforting Touch for Doulas


This 3.5 hour training will teach you the principles and practices of Comforting Touch to better support your clients and partners prenatally, during labor, and postpartum, immediately. 

YOUR INVESTMENT INCLUDES A COPY OF MY GUIDEBOOK, plus additional exclusive video content, and numerous resources to share with your clients. 

Upcoming LIVE Virtual Dates


Investment: $75

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What will you learn?

  • New comforting touch techniques and which comfort measures to share with clients prenatally.


  • Best self-care practices for providing physical support to clients without personal injury

  • How to help partners be successful in providing support during birth with or without your physical presence.


  • Key acupressure points to help calm and encourage progress in labor.


  • Calming and grounding techniques for you and your clients.


  • Baby massage techniques and postpartum exercises to share with clients post-birth.

  • Abundant LIVE Q & A time to answer all your doula questions.

More about the full day in-person workshop:


  • Gain awareness of the core principles that can make your touch provide satisfying comfort and even pleasure to your clients in labor.


  • Learn a substantial number of concrete techniques to apply during labor to bring comfort, both during and between contractions to help ease hip and back pain as well as general muscular tension.


  • Learn key acupressure points to assist in labor.


  • Learn and practice additional techniques particularly advantageous to women who choose to labor at any point with the use of an epidural.


  • Learn comforting touch techniques to teach mom's partner leading up to and during early labor.


  • Have the opportunity to practice all these techniques on your colleagues and to receive individual feedback from an experienced massage therapist, as well as get in a little self-care by being practiced on!


  • And ultimately, leave feeling more confident about using touch to comfort and support your clients.

Payment plans are available.

Don't let money be an obstacle to your development!

Contact for options and to register.

6 DONA Continuing Education Hours offered.

Since each workshop is experiential and we want everyone to receive a sufficient amount of personal attention, class sizes are limited, so register now to reserve your spot!


No supplies or experience required. Please cut your nails, dress in loose fitting pants and wear a sports bra for the practice sessions.

Upcoming In-Person Workshop Dates: 


Sunday November 10th 2024
Private residence in Manhattan, details upon registration.

Investment: $250

CEU's available. Register through the PayPal link below. Space is limited!


Register here

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"Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity and for being so warm and encouraging! Walking away from your Comforting Touch seminar, I feel like I know so much more about what a mom's body needs to provide peace and power in birth. I walked away feeling like the knowledge in my head is now in my heart, not just my mind, and I have the potential to share this powerful work with mother's hearts. Thank you for giving me more confidence to comfort women in labor!"

-- Teresa, Doula &Workshop Participant

Scroll down for more testimonials.

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Photo Credit: Jae Carey

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Photo Credit: Caren Hespeler

Step by step instructions and video demonstrations teaching you exactly how to touch any laboring person in a way that is deeply satisfying & comforting.



"The training I took with Yiska has really transformed my doula practice. For the first time (in my 8 years of doula work!) clients have been telling me how much my touch has helped them and asking me if I am trained in massage! Today a client at a pp visit was having some back pain and I gave her a quick massage and she said I did a better job identifying where the sore spot was and relieving it than her massage therapist yesterday! I still feel there's so much more I need to know (would love to do part two of your training) but now feel much more confident. You are totally awesome...thank you for sharing your gift with me and others!"

- Sara Baum, Birth Doula

"I was one of the fortunate people that took both workshop I & II with Yiska and if you're thinking about it! I have honestly used at least one, if not several, of the techniques I learned from Yiska at every birth since the workshops. Yiska is excellent at demonstrating each skill, providing a nurturing space in which to practice and giving excellent feedback to improve your technique. Completely worth the investment! Plus, it was a heck of a lot of fun!!"

- Erica St Lawrence, RN, Birth Doula

"This is such an invaluable course for any doula, new or experienced, who wants to increase her confidence and ability to provide comforting touch to her clients. Yiska's hands on approach allowed me the opportunity to experience the benefit of each of the techniques we were learning so that when it came time for me to apply my new skills I truly understood what I was working to achieve for my clients."

- Amy Goldstein, Birth Doula & Bradley Childbirth Educator

"As I ride the train early this morning ready to go to work, I'm feeling rejuvenated and charged for my big week ahead after our time together yesterday. I left feeling totally inspired and with a renewed sense of confidence. And I remembered my dreams for the first time in months and woke at the brightness of the moon. Thank you for your incredible thought, dedication, and love. Your genuine openness to your students needs, thoughts, and questions creates such a receptive energy in the room, and helped our group connect more immediately yesterday. There was no imparting of theories or techniques but rather the entirety of yesterday felt like an offering of your heart and experience. And by continuing to reinforce the importance of trusting our own bodies and intuition, you broadened our understanding of the role of a doula, which brings more depth and strength to our community here in the Bay. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity to study with you...I only wish I could continue to train with you!"

- Annie, Birth & Postpartum Doula

Register now to get your Comforting Touch on LIVE + IN-PERSON!


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