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Yiska is a generous, open-hearted practitioner who has helped me improve my physical and mental health. She adjusts her work with me to suit my needs, combining acupuncture and massage to attend to my body and mind responsively and holistically. Her work has supported me, challenged me, and opened me up to new modes of thinking and feeling.” Kate
Yiska taught us massage techniques during my pregnancy that I swear changed our lives. My husband was so happy to be able to actively participate in relieving some of the tension I had with my pregnant belly and I was more than happy to receive it! We practiced relaxing while implementing the counterpressure techniques she taught us as we were preparing for labor and used them during labor itself. I gave birth vaginally, with no drugs, and truly believe that her techniques were a big part of our success. I would highly recommend Yiska to any pregnant couple regardless of their birth plan. She is amazing!” Jessie Pressman

When I began treatment…I was feeling down and fearful of sliding into a depressive phase. Through the treatment and the relationship with Yiska this did not occur. In fact, after a number of treatments I began to feel grounded. My life has changed dramatically during these past five months and I am convinced without acupuncture I would not be in the same balanced place as I am at this juncture. 
I am someone who rarely feels welcomed or held, and yet with you, I feel both. I have never known another person with such capacity to allow me to feel like what I am/say/do matters.
 Working with Yiska as our birth doula was an amazing experience.  From the first time we met and throughout our pre-natal visits, we found it easy to relate and communicate with her.  She was open to our needs and was a great listener. We quickly felt just as comfortable around her as we would a member of the family. After my water broke late in the evening and my labor progressed rapidly, Yiska came as soon as we asked her to - even though it was around 4 in the morning. We had planned for a home birth, but after about 12 hours of intense active labor and pushing, we ended up needing to transfer to the hospital due to failure to progress. From the time she arrived at our home to after I gave birth at the hospital (about 24 later), Yiska was by my side, working tirelessly to make me more comfortable and feel supported.  Her help was crucial throughout the birth process, at home and in the hospital environment.  She did an amazing job of working seamlessly with my birth team including my husband and midwife, as well as the hospital staff, to ensure that I never felt alone and always had encouragement. My husband, who wanted to take on an active role in supporting me in my birth, greatly appreciated her instinctive sense of how to work with him. She knew exactly when to step in with her expertise and when to step back and let the two of us work together while offering him advice on how to help me. Her care was diligent, intuitive and steadfast. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula. Josh and Elizabeth Kalin

We had a fantastic experience working with Yiska and wholeheartedly recommend her doula services! She spent nearly 20 hours with us during labor and delivery--from home to hospital--and provided invaluable emotional and physical support coping with pain, fears, and changing circumstances. Yiska has a wide range of skills and talents--an incredible warmth and intuition, magical hands, and a loving spirit. She worked beautifully with our midwife and the nurses and helped both my partner and I feel safe, strong, and supported throughout the birth.

In your presence in the treatment room, I feel relaxed and able to be myself, and most of all, I feel tended on all levels.  You are always professional, yet also warm and familiar…

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