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authentic women

Sunday January 19th, 2014


At Bridge for Dance 2726 Broadway, 3rd Floor, Manhattan @ 104th st.

Cost: $20 in advance via the secure link below or $25 at the door

We invite you to start the New Year in community, in dance, in authentic self-expression...
Authentic self-expression is our passion. Join us, Stacey Felice Winograd & Yiska Obadia for the next Authentic Woman and we'll do it like we always do, and let it all out!
Our inner diva, our sensual side, our fierceness and power, our vulnerability, our fear and joy. Come embrace your totality by dancing it all together and allowing yourself to be seen in a completely permissive space.
We promise you will leave feeling a new freedom and nourished to your core.
Journeydance is our dance. It is a homecoming, a return, an awakening, to ourselves, our bodies, our spirit, our own core, our center, our truth.
When we come together to dance something transformational happens.
Who can't use an opportunity like this to release and connect? To express and celebrate and move.
The event starts at 1pm. Please come on time. No dance experience necessary. Dress comfortably and share this invitation with your friends!
To learn more about journeydance, visit
And see you on the dance floor!
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