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Closing of the Bones

Morocco binding.jpg

The closing of the bones is a traditional postpartum practice offered in many cultures around the world to nurture the one who has birthed. A kind of "swaddling of the mother". A ritual that helps integrate and heal. That binds and holds the birthing person in a way that is nourishing for body, mind and spirit. 

I was trained in the Moroccan tradition. The body is wrapped in woven textiles from head to toe. The compression of the binding feels grounding and has a quality of containment, facilitating a counterbalance to the opening that is birth. Although this practice can be done after loss as well.

Benefits include:

Pelvic organ and muscle alignment

Uteran healing support

Relaxation of tension

Emotional release and comfort

Sessions are offered in the comfort of your home in NYC and the Hudson Valley for a $300 fee. Some bodywork is included and sessions can last between 1-2 hours. Contact me to learn more and schedule this experience for yourself or as a gift. 


"After working with Yiska for years as a bodyworker and doula (at both of my beautiful home-births), it was such a pleasure to work with her to experience a new modality. The moxa and womb closing work was so deeply grounding and nourishing, such a sweet way to mark the end of a chapter, and close out an experience as monumental as childbirth. I felt utterly transported but rather than into the ether, into myself - totally grounded, and totally silent, a true gift in the early sleepless days after a baby is born. I love this practice so much, and can't wait to share it with friends."

"I knew deep inside that I needed this ceremony. I felt a calling to honor my journey into Motherhood and wanted to be tended to like I tend to my child. The closing of the bones with Yiska provided all of this and so much more. I got to experience massage, compression, meditation, and guided imagery. I had Yiska, my loving companion, travel with me to the deepest and darkest places within my body, mind, and spirit. I found answers to questions I didn’t even know I had. These answers have helped establish a peaceful curiosity surrounding a traumatic birth experience and a powerful connection to the mystery of life and birth. This is such a transformative experience, and I am forever grateful to Yiska."   

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