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What is Havening?

Havening Techniques® is a psychosensory healing modality that utilizes the power of soothing touch to:

  • Reduce feelings of fear, anxiety and emotional distress.

  • Increase feelings of empowerment, safety, peacefulness and calm.

  • Access these emotions on demand.

  • Grow your sense of resiliency, resourcefulness, and self-trust.

  • Recover from and prevent trauma.

  • Reduce the experience of physical discomfort and pain!

  • And, for pregnant people, all benefits are passed along to baby.

"Such grief and sadness was choking me, feeling so close but far from my parents, and spun out by the changes upon us. Yiska Obadia gave me a virtual havening session, a way to work with trauma, so I could receive what was coming up and meet it with physical solace, emotional resilience, and light— and let it transform into something new and accessible. Friends this shit is STAT handy and she is an utter joy. If you are needing this now, reach out to Yiska."

Sara Nolan


"I am so glad that I made time for Yiska's havening workshop. In 4 short weeks I integrated a new self-care practice into my daily routine that helps me calm down each day and start off the day grounded and more in touch with myself (which helps me show up more as a parent, a spouse and a friend). The group format created a shared accountability. The online classes were a chance to learn and practice the havening technique. I noticed that after each session I had a really wonderful day." Elana S. 

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Private Online Havening Sessions: Whether it's to help you navigate the stresses of life, fears related to birth, phobias, or healing from trauma, havening sessions offer an elegant and simple way to work through life's most challenging emotional experiences. 


Sessions last between 60-90 minutes for $250. As desired, personalized acupressure point prescriptions can be included to provide you with additional support.


Partner Havening Tutorials: For couples who want to be supportive during pregnancy, postpartum, or otherwise. Havening Touch can be taught to partners to increase intimacy and provide comfort in preparation for birth, or for life generally. Book me for this private virtual tutorial so you can learn how to support each other with Havening &/or Comforting Touch.


Classes last 60-90 minutes for $250.

Private Self-Havening Tutorials: While Havening Touch can be provided by a trained havening practitioner like myself, self-havening techniques can also be learned and applied to oneself to great effect.


If you feel like you need a regular self-care practice to help keep you feeling calm and grounded during these stressful times, and you need that practice to feel impactful without being time-consuming, self-havening tutorials are the perfect fit! $200 for an hour.

Group virtual havening sessions are also available if this is something you're interested in sharing with your online organization or business community. Contact me to discuss.

Join me in partnership with Perinatal Havening for the next LIVE virtual offering...


Self-Havening for Self-Care 

This small online group meets over 4 weekly sessions, for connection, support, and to cultivate a self-havening practice for your own self-care. The commitment is only 45 minutes a week and just $50 for 4 weeks! Next dates TBD.

"I am extremely grateful to have participated in the virtual self-havening series at the beginning of shelter in place because it equipped me with the tools to bring myself comfort, calm, and love during this period living away from my family and close friends. I've continued to use my self-havening touch each day to bring myself back to my body with a sense of safety and support. Yiska Obadia in incredible at holding space for others, whether it be virtually or in person. She is a teacher who I continue to follow because I trust in her process, and I especially look to her during this challenging time. Each session, Yiska provided concrete information about havening techniques, a deep practice session, tips for self-practice, and always ended with an invitation for questions, thoughts, or ideas at the end. Joining Yiska's workshop is a gift to oneself!" - Annie A.

Want to try havening out for FREE?


This 1-hour video will introduce you to havening as I go through a powerful self-havening practice recorded during the pandemic to help people connect with a sense of inner calm, resourcefulness and hope.

I recommend watching the video from a comfortable, distraction-free place if possible with pen and paper handy for the writing parts. I hope you get something from it.

Resources: Understanding the neuroscience behind Havening Touch


This article goes in depth into the science of havening specifically for resolving trauma with what the doctors who developed havening call "electroceuticals". The healing power of touch to produce delta brain waves that impact encoded trauma in the brain.


Here's a study they did to observe the impact of a single havening session.


If you prefer a video: to walk you through understanding the science and background of havening better, check this out...


And a short video with the founder:

More Testimonials for Havening with Yiska

“Yiska is clearly a master teacher, and her presentation of Havening was great. I was a total beginner, and I felt held, tended to, and well educated throughout the 4 sessions. I learned skills that I was able to immediately apply in my daily life, and they really helped! Calm and grounded embodiment is one way Yiska described the results of Havening - and it’s really true. Easy to do and gentle on the nerves, a perfect technique for this time period.” - Jeremy Riesenfeld

"I've done havening sessions with Yiska both privately in person and in a group on Zoom, and all set ups have been excellent. Yiska is a true healer. She brings so much wisdom to the sessions that she leads, and she does an impressive job of allowing for effective and individualized practices, even in the group setting. Her prompts and questions are just open ended enough to guide me on a unique journey, helping me tap into undiscovered parts of myself, and just clear enough to not be confusing at all. I loved how the weekly group practice helped me set a new intention for each week. I have now added havening to my daily breathing practices, and it has been fun to get a sampling of some of the specific ways in which havening can augment my life. I very highly recommend havening with Yiska!" - K.R.

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