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couples massage class

Ever wanted to know how to give your partner a kick-ass massage? Here's your chance the learn the techniques of touch so you can do just that and have a ton of fun in the process.

Join me for this 2 hour private class, when we'll focus on neck, shoulders & back massage, as well as feet. You'll get a lot of hands-on practice with each other and receive the kind of feedback that will help you really get it.

The perfect date idea, anniversary or birthday gift for the couple that loves a good massage!

$395/couple. Classes take place at your home.


"My husband has always gotten the better end of the deal when it comes to massages, because I am much better at them than he is. I signed us up for a couples workshop with Yiska in hopes of evening the playing field in our home. In our time together, Yiska provided a comfortable space, relevant context, and expert instruction to help us massage each other. We came home with tools that have definitely increased the quality of massages my husband gives me, and given me many new ideas too. We both find that a increased confidence in how to touch each other makes us a happier, and more communicative couple. I'm grateful to Yiska and would recommend her to everyone who wants to get and give better massages in their own relationship!" Francie Webb

"When I heard Yiska was doing a class for couples I signed up right away. Having taken her class for doulas and trying to show everything to my husband I knew he needed to learn right from the source. Yiska is not only an amazing massage therapist and doula but also a fantastic teacher! My husband and I learned so much, the class was fun and we both left feeling relaxed and ready to try the massage techniques on each other in the future." Grace Veras Sealy

"My husband and I have each always had chronic pain issues. For years, we wished we could give massages to each other that really felt great but we always missed the mark. Taking Yiska's class was not only a fun date for us but also gave us tools to bring home with us so that we could manage some of this pain through massage." Margot Simmons

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