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Virtual Comforting Touch for Doulas

This pre-recorded 3.5 hour online training will teach you the principles and practices of Comforting Touch to better support your clients and partners prenatally, during labor, and postpartum. 


PLUS additional exclusive video content, and numerous resources for you and to share with your clients. 

What will you learn?

  • New comforting touch techniques and which comfort measures to share with clients prenatally.

  • How to help partners be successful in providing support during birth with or without your physical presence.

  • Key acupressure points to help calm and encourage progress in labor.

  • Essential calming and grounding techniques for you and your clients.

  • Baby massage techniques and postpartum exercises to share with clients post-birth.

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Investment: $68

“I took the Comforting Touch course with Yiska last week and it was so powerful. If I got that much out of a virtual course I can only imagine what it's like to connect with her in person! It also gave me the courage I needed to still offer doula support right now."

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