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The Sustainable Doula's Guide to Self-Care 

Your practical guide to self-care for doula life - a video series

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Do you wish you knew how to avoid doula burnout and exhaustion?

Do you want your doula business to support your emotional, physical AND financial wellbeing?

Do you feel like there are gaps in your doula practice that could use some TLC?

Hey there doula!


Burnout is real but it doesn't have to happen to you. You can actually learn how to take great care of yourself as a doula, physically, emotionally and financially. 

You may have heard me share this sentiment in a previous webinar, but this project takes self-care for doulas to a whole new level!

In this 4-part video series, I'm passing 22 years of doula and healing arts experience on to you.

When I started out I didn’t understand the kind of self-care it takes to sustain this work. I used to kill myself at births and I didn’t know how to recover. But over time I learned what it takes to care for a doula’s mind, body and business.


That’s what you’ll learn in this practical guide to self-care for doula life. 

Based on my Sustainable Doula Mentorship Program, this video series will teach you what you need to know to create your own sustainable doula practice deeply rooted in self-care.

It's the perfect complement to any doula training, filling in the gaps to help you grow a successful doula business that fully supports your wellbeing. 

And for doulas who've been at this for a while, you'll also find many gems amidst these lessons, especially in the areas of emotional and physical self-care to enhance your doula practice in ways I'm certain you've never considered.

So, if you're ready for a self-care makeover that will also give your doula biz a boost, here's your missing playbook!

What's in your 4 video lessons? 

Lesson One:
The Business of Self-Care
  • Vetting and getting your ideal clients.

  • Knowing how much to charge.

  • Deciding how many clients to take.

  • Valuing your time.

  • Smart scheduling and more.

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Lesson Two: Physical Self-Care
  • Nutritional supports for optimal well-being.

  • Smart body practices to prevent over straining during births.

  • Post-birth recovery practices.

  • Ways to navigate sleep disruption.

Lesson Three:
Emotional Self-Care
  • Building your village.

  • Emotional self-care practices.

  • Introduction to self-havening for stress reduction.

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Lesson Four: Guidance in Practice
  • Ideas for reaching clients.

  • How to rock client interviews.

  • What to do during a prenatal visit.

  • How to make your postpartum visit meaningful.

  • How to help with position changing and navigate resistance during labor.

  • What does shameless self-promotion look like?

Here's what people have said about what I have to offer...

"Yiska is warm, loving and has a wealth of knowledge...She has resources to put you on the right path to start a successful doula career while avoiding the pitfalls new doulas fall prey to. I love her."  Amir, doula, childbirth educator

"I was so inspired...There were so many topics that we covered that were total blind spots to me....I was very impressed with all the work that Yiska put into preparing the content, putting together very clear and insightful presentations for our sessions...I feel confident and really empowered to transform my doula practice into a real doula business." Maya, doula 


As a new doula, I was referred to Yiska Obadia for her expertise in massage techniques for labor. Over the past two years, Yiska has been a source of knowledge and support, offering professional and business advice with an emphasis on self care for doulas. It is always a pleasure meeting with Yiska. She mentors with ease and generosity!” Isabella, doula

I am beyond grateful to Yiska for her mentorship. Whenever I have a question she is quick to respond, and not just guide me, but help me figure out the answer I think I know, but she knows I know. She’s warm, gentle and a true gem. I adore her and couldn’t feel luckier to be under her wing.” Liza, doula

Your Sustainable Doula's Guide to Self-Care also includes these bonus resources:


  • A complimentary copy of Comforting Touch for Birth: A Guide for Doulas & Expectant Parents

  • Key acupressure points for birth

  • Questions for care providers, for your earlier hires

  • 'When to Call' and 'What to Pack' handouts for clients

  • Website and Social Media Tips

  • And more resources to support your holistic doula practice...

Get access to ALL this experience and practical wisdom for just $127!

I WISH I'd had access to information like this in my early days, and all these curated resources in one place! It makes me so happy to invite you to gift yourself with this 4-part series and all these bonuses that promise to forever enrich your doula life and make this deeply rewarding work we do sustainable!


So tell me, are you ready to put your self-care into action and be a sustainable doula?

More about Yiska Obadia: 

Yiska is a passionate and caring mentor and teacher, with over 28 years of experience as a massage therapist, acupuncturist and birth doula.

Comforting Touch for Birth is her first baby, teaching doulas and parents how to provide support without killing themselves. 

She lives and practices in NYC while offering in-person workshops wherever word has spread!



More kind words and takeaways from the guide:  "That we don't have to take on the burdens of being a doula alone. That there are things we can do right when we begin our business that can help sustain us. I really appreciated you walking us through havening in the third video, what a fascinating and amazing resource it is, and I had not heard of it before starting doula work! I also loved the smart scheduling concept that you shared. And quotes that I wrote down in particular that you discussed and emphasized: "taking care of yourself doesn't mean me first, it means me too" and "we are meant to be responsible TO our clients, not FOR our clients" - definitely keeping this in mind as I continue on my journey!"

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