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Postpartum stretching videos

If your neck and shoulders are killing you but there's just no way a postpartum massage is happening anytime soon or soon enough, here's your next best thing!


In just 5 minutes of video demonstrations you'll learn my 2 favorite stretches to instantaneously release neck, shoulder, upper back and even jaw tension...Your postpartum body will thank you!

Postpartum has to include taking care of YOU! As the saying goes, "we cannot pour from an empty cup".

While these videos hardly claim to take the place of having a postpartum doula or getting a proper massage, these 2 stretches are a great complement to any postpartum self-care effort.

Both are super quick and easy to do.


One can be done completely by yourself, even while you hold your baby.


The other will show your partner a supported neck and shoulder stretch that will relieve the upper body tension that is so common after having a baby from all the feeding and holding. It's an exercise I even do with most of my private clients because it is just so helpful!

postpartum stretches.jpg

Access both videos for just $9.95

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