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comforting touch for postpartum doulas

Are you a postpartum doula who wants more hands-on skills for working with your clients?

Would you love to know additional ways to support your clients with comforting touch for parents AND babies?!

Join me for this 4.5 hour experiential workshop to:


  • Learn massage techniques to help relieve your client's upper body tension, which is oh so welcome when caring for a newborn.​

  • Learn a deeply relaxing foot massage sequence that you can offer even while they nurse!

  • Learn how to teach your clients simple infant massage techniques to promote bonding and ease common newborn discomforts such as gas.


  • Learn helpful and easy stretches you can teach your clients that they can easily incorporate into their day to day for a better postpartum period.

Class size is limited so contact me ASAP to reserve your spot!

Upcoming Workshop Dates:

Friday October 18th 2019

Sierra Childbirth Institute

Sacramento, CA 

Register directly:

Sunday November 17th 2019


Location: 272 Manhattan Avenue 4E NY, NY 10026

Fee: $150*

"Absolutely loved Yiska Obadia's Comforting Touch For Postpartum Doulas class. Yiska helped teach us amazing techniques to share with our clients to better support them. I found it instilled confidence in me on how to navigate that in a realistic way. 


Though I had always loved giving (and receiving!) massage, I didn't know how to bring it up with clients and felt awkward offering it. This class will give you that confidence. When you relax and take the intuitive you will find your clients opening up. The benefits are priceless!


Yiska is so open, natural and extremely talented. Was an absolute pleasure taking her class. Her healing hands will teach you to trust your intuition and care of your self and others. 100% recommend to both PP doulas and new parents."


-China Edelman, Postpartum Doula

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