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Meet Yiska

"Birth is one of those rare life experiences where power and vulnerability live side by side. To touch that is my great pleasure and honor."

Hi, I'm Yiska! a proud, oxytocin-fiending, comforting touch obsessing, been-at-this-for-more-than-half-my-life massagapuncturist, doula, wife, friend, writer, teacher, rockin’ moroccan, dance loving, foster mama and one of the world’s best huggers, or so I’ve been told!

I’ve trained in Israel, China, Maryland, and New York, and apart from my virtual offerings, I now serve clients in NYC and the Hudson Valley where I live with my husband.

Over the years, through my massage, acupuncture, and doula practices I’ve developed an integrated way to serve pregnant people and their families through the childbearing year. My bodywork falls on the deep and therapeutic side, even for pregnant women. No more annoyingly shallow prenatal spa massages! I especially love combination sessions where the benefits of both Chinese medicine and bodywork get to come together. 

I’m also able to help pregnant women with treatments to turn breech babies and encourage labor.

With birth and touch as my two greatest passions, it’s not a far stretch to imagine how I got to the creation of my Comforting Touch for Birth workshops and subsequent Guidebook.

With Comforting Touch for Birth I turned what I knew with my hands into a comprehensive curriculum for doulas and expectant parents. I figured out how to make the confidence, skill, and ease I possess accessible to any provider of labor support, be that doula or partner, regardless of experience level.
In support of families postpartum as well, in fall 2017 I completed an infant massage teacher training and added Comforting Touch for Babies classes to my repertoire; now offering parents and loving caregivers new ways to nurture, soothe, and bond with their infants. 

I hope we get to work and learn together soon!


Professional Background:
Licensed Acupuncturist in NY since 2007.
Graduated with a Master's Degree in Acupuncture from Tai Sophia Institute.
DONA trained since 2001.
Practicing massage therapy since 1994.
Trained in deep tissue, myofascial release, structural integration, positional therapy and prenatal massage.
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