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Welcome to your Comforting Touch for Birth 
Partner support page!

Enjoy this 80-minute Comforting Touch for Birth class on-demand, to learn how to be the most supportive partner you can be in a hands-on way. This video covers the most essential things you need to know on this topic. Have fun practicing! (You have up to 6 months of viewing access at this link.)

For more Comforting Touch guidance and ideas, download your copy of the complete Comforting Touch for Birth digital guidebook below...


12 Guiding Principles of Touch
4 Counter Pressure Techniques
4 Relaxation Techniques
2 Bonus Techniques for Prenatal and Postpartum
15 Custom Illustrations
10 Demonstration Videos
And your Quick Reference Sheet for labor.

A friendly reminder: This guidebook is copyrighted and contains proprietary original content. Please refrain from freely sharing this link. Instead let others know that they can find the class for purchase here and the guidebook here. Your honesty and respect is greatly appreciated.
Now grab your partner and start learning...
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