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comforting touch for expectant parents

For parents-to-be who love massage, Comforting Touch is for you!

Knowing how to touch your partner before, during, and after birth will help you feel more connected as a couple and help them feel more grounded and comforted throughout the birth process.


When pregnant people feel supported and held it helps them know they can relax, let go and handle the work of birth.

In this 80 minute on-demand class couples will:

  • Learn a variety of comforting touch techniques, including counter-pressure and massage, to use during labor both during and between contractions.​

  • Understand the fundamental principles of skillful touch so partners have the tools they need to succeed in providing the touch you want and need. 

  • Learn from a seasoned practitioner and birth doula with over 28 years of experience.

  • Walk away feeling more confident about using touch to comfort and support your partner., for pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

Value: $50 (Pairs perfectly with the companion guidebook below and abundant practice.)

Scroll down for testimonials.

Step by step instructions and video demonstrations teaching you exactly how to touch any laboring person in a way that is deeply satisfying & comforting.

Value: $29


Yiska taught us massage techniques during my pregnancy that I swear changed our lives. My husband was so happy to be able to actively participate in relieving some of the tension I had with my pregnant belly and I was more than happy to receive it! We practiced relaxing while implementing the counterpressure techniques she taught us as we were preparing for labor and used them during labor itself. I gave birth vaginally, with no drugs, and truly believe that her techniques were a big part of our success. I would highly recommend Yiska to any pregnant couple regardless of their birth plan. She is amazing!Jessie Pressman

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