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The Sustainable Doula Mentorship Package

Mentorship for your doula business rooted in self-care

Hey there doula!

Have you felt lost at all since completing your doula training? Or perhaps you're just ready for more?


Are you looking for the guidance and support of a seasoned doula?

Anyone can take a doula training, but then what?!


How do you flourish? How do you...find your dream clients, gain confidence, take good care of yourself, and grow your business?  


Essentially, how do you make your doula practice sustainable?

When I started out, I relied on doula mentorship to find my way and that mentorship helped me build a successful doula business rooted in self-care. If that's what you want, you can have that too!

17 years of experience as a doula, bodyworker and wellness practitioner have given me so much to share with you, especially you newer doulas, so...I've put together a 3-month doula mentorship package to inspire and support you! 


With compassionate guidance you will:

  • Skip past common doula mistakes

  • Gain a new level of competence and confidence as a doula

  • Learn to value yourself fully and charge what you're worth

  • Learn better body mechanics 

  • Avoid professional isolation

  • Get your questions answered

  • Be supported in developing a thriving doula practice

  • Develop new practices to sustain your doula business and well-being at the same time.


Here's what other mentor doulas have said about working with me...

As a new doula, I was referred to Yiska Obadia for her expertise in massage techniques for labor. Over the past two years, Yiska has been a source of knowledge and support, offering professional and business advice with an emphasis on self care for doulas. It is always a pleasure meeting with Yiska. She mentors with ease and generosity!” Isabella, doula

I am beyond grateful to Yiska for her mentorship. Whenever I have a question she is quick to respond, and not just guide me, but help me figure out the answer I think I know, but she knows I know. She’s warm, gentle and a true gem. I adore her and couldn’t feel luckier to be under her wing.” Liza, doula

So what's included in your sustainable doula mentorship package?

  • 3 group mentorship sessions (once monthly) with yours truly to support you in the growth of your doula practice and your commitment to self-love and self-care. You’ll share in mutual support with other growing doulas and learn from each other’s experiences, as well as receive targeted assignments to help develop your skills and achieve your goals.


  • 1 private, one-on-one mentorship session to guide you on your individual path, to clarify your goals and help you reach them.


  • 1 bonus live group Q & A to answer more of your burning questions.

  • Unlimited email support throughout the duration of your 3-month package, as desired.

  • Goal accountability, including a mentorship partner and facebook group support.

  • Exceptional doula resources; such as curated client handouts, sample contracts for those who need, and access to industry experts; including a branding and marketing expert plus the Money Doula, and more! 


  • Plus your copy of my Comforting Touch for Birth guidebook to demonstrate best practices for sustaining your own well-being while powerfully supporting your clients. 

  • And it's all online, so you can join us from ANYWHERE in the world!

Get all this for just $595!

These are just some of the topics we'll be covering;


Vetting and getting your ideal clients,

Ways to better value your time,

Tips on the psychology of branding,

Practices to quiet your inner critic and bring on the growth

Preventive and corrective exercises for reducing physical strain

Tricks for combatting sleep disruption

A method for self-healing emotional distress (related to birth and otherwise)

Transforming your limiting money beliefs, and so much more!


Haven't you been going at this alone for long enough now? Aren't you tired yet of piecemealing the answers together without a coherent sense of community and guidance?

I so WISH I'd had access to a package like this in my early days, with all these curated resources all in one place! It makes me so happy to invite you to join me for this 3-month doula mentorship experience that will forever embolden your doula life and most of all, make this amazing work we do sustainable!!


Are you ready to put your self-care into action?



With what we can learn together, this gift of self-love will be an investment that ends up paying for itself many times over! You're worth it!

More about Yiska Obadia: 

Yiska is a passionate and caring mentor and teacher, with over 23 years of experience as a massage therapist, acupuncturist and birth doula.

Comforting Touch for Birth is her first baby, teaching doulas and parents how to provide support without killing themselves. 

She lives and practices in NYC while offering in-person workshops wherever word has spread!

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