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Welcome to your Comforting Touch for Birth Guidebook for Doulas and Expectant Parents!

Download *your copy below! Enjoy all 12 Guiding Principles, Four Counter Pressure Techniques, Four Relaxation Techniques, 2 Bonus Techniques for Prenatal and Postpartum, 15 Custom Illustrations, 10 Demonstration Videos, and your Quick Reference Sheet.

Operating Instructions:


1. When the browser window opens with your pdf, download and save it to your computer, rather than viewing it in the browser. This will make it more fluid when you get to the video demonstrations starting on page 37 so you can go back and forth without losing your place.


2. The guidebook is information rich, so it will likely be more than you can absorb in one sitting. You may find it ideal to read and practice a few techniques at a time, then come back for more on another day. Consider chunking it down so you have time and space to absorb and practice what you're learning.


3. The guidebook is designed to be followed in order to some extent, since the guiding principles from the first half lay the foundation for learning the techniques in the second half. After that, feel free to skip around if you want. Read first, then watch the videos or skip straight to the video and read the section after. Whatever makes the learning easiest for you.

Now grab a partner and start learning...

Let me know how it goes!

*A friendly reminder:
This guidebook is copyrighted and contains proprietary original content. Please refrain from sharing this link for your download. Do share what you learn from it and let others know where they can find and purchase their own copy. Your honesty and respect is being held in trust and is greatly appreciated.
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