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More Moolah for Doulas

Hey there doula! Let's be honest. Don't you want more moolah?


Tell the truth, because if you ever...

  • Shy away from charging the money you truly want for your services

  • Feel unsure of your value

  • Want to feel more confident in your worth as a doula

Then, More Moolah for Doulas is the workshop for you! 

doula moolah.jpg
In this 2-hour interactive online workshop you will:
  • Dispel your limiting money beliefs

  • Feel empowered to create a new relationship with money and what you charge

  • Connect deeply with your value and acknowledge your 'special sauce'

  • Learn a new way to interview with potential clients that helps them get how much you have to offer.

Brief and powerful, this workshop includes self-reflective worksheets to prepare for the zoom call and access to the recording if you are unable to attend LIVE. Worksheets and zoom meeting info will be emailed to you upon registration.

Date & Time: Monday, March 25th 2019

7-9pm EST

Cost: $15

Your facilitator is Sam Gedal, a masterful life coach who has helped hundreds of people go beyond their blind spots and limiting beliefs to achieve the personal and professional growth their hearts most desire. 

Contact Yiska at if you have questions. Otherwise, sign up through the paypal link. I promise you won't regret this small investment in the pursuit of your big doula dreams.

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