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UMEWE - Connecting in Community 
March 7-9, 2014
The UMEWE - Connecting in Community Retreat (formerly known as and adapted fom the Commity Leadership & Intimacy Retreat) is a living LABORATORY designed for you to EXPERIMENT and develop new COMMUNICATION and RELATING skills, to experience living in COMMUNITY and learn how to create the true INTIMACY you've always wanted.
Do you want to…
--experience deeper and more satisfying connections with the people in your life?...
--feel more confident and self-connected when communicating and expressing yourself?
--experience less frustration and more ease and fun navigating intimate relationships?
--be seen more and hold back less in your life?
If you value community, connection, intimacy, personal growth, authenticity, empowerment, self-expression and love, THIS IS THE RETREAT FOR YOU!
In A SAFE AND SUPPORTIVE ENVIRONMENT you will get to PUT INTO PRACTICE new relating and communication skills to help you create the connections you want, with others who desire the same.
• Experience the power and beauty of vulnerability.
• Practice speaking with total honesty and hearing others with accuracy.
• Feel the freedom to ask for what you want, to say yes or no, while remaining deeply connected to somebody else.
• Allow community to be a mirror for you as you be your full self.
• Spend the weekend enjoying nature and living in community, being impacted by each other in support of self-expression, intimacy & growth.
• Return to the city empowered, energized, inspired, connected and refreshed!
Participant Testimonials:
“What a wonderful vibrant fun creative dynamic courageous loving group of people!!!! You've enriched my life with your being and birthed new space within myself and my life for possibilities, community, and connection. Looking forward to MORE!” Laurie
"The Community Retreat was an experience that totally transformed my view of intimacy, connection, and community. Sam & Yiska created a warm and loving platform that enabled the group to grow and learn together. I would definitely encourage others to participate in this awesome experience.” David
Curious? Contact us by email at or phone Yiska at 914-450-6692 & Sam at 917-557-3275 to have a conversation about what you want in the areas of community, relating, communication and intimacy and let's see if this is the next big experience to support your growth and relationships!

DATES: March 7-9, 2014
TIME: Starts Friday at 2 pm - Ends Sunday at 4 pm
COST: $500 per person. Couples/Friends pay $400 each. Includes lodging, activities + partial cost of food **



*Ride shares available.

**Collective meal preparation: To share in the full experience of nourishing ourselves and each other, we will partner up for meal preparation. Each team is responsible for providing the food for 1 meal, including plan, prep & purchase.

Yiska Obadia and Sam Gedal, the founders of these retreats are committed to helping people become the powerful, expansive, and fully expressed beings we are all meant to be. They bring a combined 20 years of expertise in the areas of - Community and Leadership Development, Diversity, Intentional Living, Authentic Movement, Chinese Medicine, Bodywork, Birth Support and Mastery in the areas of Sex, Relating and Living a Prosperous Life.


For more information about:

Yiska click here
Sam go to

"The Community Retreat was everything I wanted. I feel more liberated and got to see some things about myself that I only could have seen in this kind of situation - spending a weekend with people committed to seeing the same. Although challenging, I felt that I was able to give myself this experience and that the retreat provided the ideal backdrop. Sam does a masterful job leading and listening and creates the type of environment that you can use to really take some risks and explore new ways of relating. You can’t beat the scenery, thank you....and see you on the next one!" - Adam S.

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