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Thank you for purchasing your virtual Comforting Touch for Doulas package! You can catch the *full class replay here. 
(*Note: Our 15 minute break starts at the 2:15:17 mark, and ends at 2:31:15, so you can skip over that for the replay.)

Here is also the link to download your copy of the Comforting Touch for Birth digital guidebook with "operating instructions": Definitely check out the additional counter-pressure, neck and shoulder massage, and postpartum techniques we didn't cover in class.

Operating instructions:


1. When the browser window opens with your pdf, download and save it to your computer, rather than viewing it in the browser. This will make it more fluid when you get to the video demonstrations starting on page 37 so you can go back and forth without losing your place.


2. The guidebook is information rich, so it will likely be more than you can absorb in one sitting. You may find it ideal to read and practice a few techniques at a time, then come back for more on another day. Consider chunking it down so you have time and space to absorb and practice what you're learning.


3. The guidebook is designed to be followed in order to some extent, since the guiding principles from the first half lay the foundation for learning the techniques in the second half. After that, feel free to skip around if you want. Read first, then watch the videos or skip straight to the video and read the section after. Whatever makes the learning easiest for you.


If you wish to share the guidebook in its entirety I'm asking for your discretion. If your clients do not have the financial means to afford to pay for a copy, feel free to share this link with them. For anyone employed and working or otherwise of financial means, I ask you kindly to refer them to the purchase page to buy a copy for themselves, It costs $29. Thanks so much.


As for referencing all the other links and resources we discussed in class, here's everything either listed or attached below. Share any of these links freely with your clients as desired:



When you're done, I'd love your feedback about the class. Would you recommend it for other doulas? Most useful? Least useful? I hope you enjoy and learn a lot! I'd also love to know how you heard about this class. Hopefully I'll meet or see you again at a future Comforting Touch for Doulas in-person training! 


Thank you again for your commitment to your people.





P.S. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions from class. Consider staying connected on Instagram @comfortingtouchdoula, on FB at or by joining my email list. 


P.P.S. Havening caveat: Because so much goes into training to be a havening practitioner, and havening includes so much more than what I share with you in this class, it's not accurate to credit this introductory exposure as sufficient training to tell clients you are a havener or trained in havening. As expressed in the virtual training, it is wonderful to be able to show clients the simple havening strokes as one way to offer comforting touch during labor, and of course as a simple practice for your own self-care, but the havening organization cautions untrained professionals from offering or claiming to offer havening beyond that. To learn more about Perinatal Havening training, visit


P.P.P.S. For an on-demand version of my entire full hour long baby massage class, including full body sequences, visit Birth Smarter,

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