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Comfort Measures for Birth Checklist

Enjoy this comprehensive checklist of over 30 distinct comfort measures for expectant parents to use in preparation for birth. This download is the fruit of a facebook post I shared last year that asked, “if you’ve given birth, what was one of your favorite comfort measures during labor?”


  • DOULAS and CHILDBIRTH EDUCATORS, you can share this with your clients and students, to continue being a source for the kind of resources that will empower and positively contribute to their labor support and birth preparation.

  • IF SOMEONE YOU LOVE IS PREGNANT, this is absolutely for them! They will be so grateful you shared this because it covers such a thorough list of possible ways to find comfort during labor, whether at home, in a birth center or the hospital (over 90 women answered the survey, even epidurals are on the list).

  • Last but not least, IF YOU ARE EXPECTING, this is most definitely for you!


I’ve been a birth doula for over 14 years and I’ve seen over 100 women make use of all of these comfort measures during their births to great benefit. This list is spot on and I’ve included my personal insights for each comfort measure based on my many years of experience. It will spark thoughtfulness and consideration for anyone preparing for a supported, calm, satisfying and positive birth experience -- to better know the wide variety of tools and resources available, and to be optimally supported when the special day arrives.

Download your FREE PDF below!

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