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Self-Havening Practice for Self-Care

In this video, Yiska will introduce you to self-havening*, an empowering and self-soothing healing modality that uses touch to eliminate feelings of emotional distress and increase positive feelings such as safety, peace, and calm.


This practice is great for anyone anytime, and it can be especially useful during pregnancy and birth to bring comfort to both mother and baby. 

You are invited to take these 20 minutes for yourself to sit in a quiet spot where you will be undisturbed for a brief period of time. Yiska will guide you through this gentle exercise intended to help your nervous system calm down, to re-ground and return to the rest of your day feeling more centered and relaxed.

Learn more about Havening Techniques® with Yiska here.

*While self-havening is very effective under guidance, intense emotional experiences can be activated and mismanaged without the presence of a trained havener. This is particularly a concern for pregnant women. Thus, the content in this video is intended solely for self-care purposes and personal use. There are many more methods and applications for Havening Touch beyond those you will be exposed to during this exercise, thus it would be inaccurate to consider this introduction to self-havening as comprehensive in any way as far as the wide breadth of Havening Techniques® are concerned. As such, you may not credit this introductory exposure as sufficient training to claim you are a havener, or trained in havening. 

I ask that you agree to the following:

1. You will not teach other people to self-haven unless you have taken an accredited training course.

2. You will not misrepresent yourself in your personal or professional work as a havener.

If you are interested in exploring how Havening Techniques® can be used to augment or advance your professional skills, information about upcoming professional training can be found at  or

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