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Let me help you stick your butt out.

"Let me help you stick your butt out"?!

This will make perfect sense in a minute, I promise, and admittedly this one's primarily for you doulas or anyone reading this who just loves anything birth and body related.

At a recent Comforting Touch for Doulas workshop, Baltimore based doula Atara Klein shared a great techique that she had spontaneously discovered and used during a recent birth.

I loved it because not only does it provide terrific counter-pressure, but it also helps open the pelvic outlet, which can be so helpful in the later stages of labor.

I especially love how it applies the core principles I teach in my Comforting Touch workshops such as leaning in and using your whole body and gravity to diminish the amount of effort involved in providing physical support.

I loved it so much, we shot this little impromptu video to demonstrate it for you.

Watch the video below and let me know what you think in the comments.

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