What's the point of acupuncture for labor?

I wanted to write this post to help people understand how acupuncture can be used to support or encourage labor. Let’s start with the bad news. Truth is, while acupuncture can be powerful medicine, it is not a magic button you press and labor just starts. Heck, pitocin inductions can’t even force labor to start if the body is not ready, so there is no magic bullet really. I think of acupuncture more like a suggestion. So if I were to suggest you kill someone, and you’re not a killer, there’s just no way you’d take that direction, right? And if I were to suggest you do something like get married, and that’s something you do want to do, but not yet, I couldn’t force you to say yes before you w

What's your word?

This year, a teacher of mine made a suggestion to me that I want to pass along to you, because it's made for such a grounding, empowering and nurturing way to kickstart the year. The invitation is this; to infuse ourselves and the new year with intention, select a word, just one word, that embodies something you most deeply and truly want to cultivate. When this invitation was first made to me, I found it so hard to choose just one. I mean I certainly want to live in peace, joy, compassion, acceptance, willingness, but not only was it a challenge to pick any one of those words, none of the words that came to mind really hit the spot. That was until MY word finally occurred to me. My word is

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