Taking Nothing for Granted - Letting Love In

My mother was a specialist in finding coins on the street. She’d tell me, my older sister and younger brother to look down when walking, because you never know. My parents were immigrants from Europe, survivors of the holocaust. They were children separated from their families going through the most horrific circumstances that one can imagine. My mother, from a small village in France, was hidden in a Christian orphanage. My father, from Czechoslovakia, was in the concentration camps. For them, life was precious. Each day cherished, never to be wasted and definitely not to be taken for granted. For my thirteenth birthday I asked for a ten speed bike. What I got first though, was a book on ho

How do you measure your self-worth?

Last night, I caught myself with a full shopping cart, feeling so happy just thinking about coming home and cooking healthy food for the week. What was particularly striking about this simple moment of joy and contentment was that it seemed like the first evening in weeks that I wasn't preoccupied by an internalized imperative to be writing, marketing, promoting, creating, or otherwise producing something! The simple act of self-nourishment was enough. Lately I’ve been feeling plagued by feelings of inadequacy, constantly comparing myself with all the “more successful people” around me. Truth is I’ve been experiencing a bit of a creative block, trying to write for the past 3 weeks with nothi

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