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Why you DON'T need to take class with me.

You may have even seen my recent Instagram post on the 4 reasons you DON'T need to take a Comforting Touch for Doulas class with me!

Followed by the very important #1 reason you should sign up if you haven't already.

But first, here's my case for why not:

Reason 1: The power to offer Comforting Touch is intuitive and innate. You will know what do when you simply listen and trust your instincts.

Reason 2: Every birth-worker will learn through trial and error over time what does and doesn't work.

Reason 3: You don't need more classes to be a good or good enough doula, you already are.

Reason 4: You can learn a ton just from my free videos page and digital guidebook.

The #1 reason to take a class with me is that you're a doula (midwives welcome too) who wants to fast-track growing your confidence and skills with a dedicated day of hands-on practice and professional feedback.

Because even though I believe in all of the above reasons, that you're already a good enough doula, and you will learn so much on your own over time, there hasn't been a doula to ever leave class without saying at least one of the following...

"Every doula needs to take this class". "This should be required continuing education for all birth-workers". "This class has shown me a much more sustainable way of doing counter-pressure". "This has given me so much confidence in myself to support my clients".

Who wants to fast-track with me?

The full day in-person class offers an abundance of hands-on practice and personalized feedback based on nearly 30 years of experience as a massage therapist and doula.

Space is limited so get the details and register here today!

I'll be in NYC on May 7th

Long Island on May 21st

Salt Lake City Utah on June 1st

San Francisco Bay Area on June 4th.


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