My tongue tie release story.

Believe it or not, this photo best demonstrates how I feel one week after my adult tongue tie release! This sh*t's exhausting! Truly I have a newfound empathy for new mothers who are trying to breastfeed, and not only are your nipples raw and hurting (FYI pain is common though not normal and should always be addressed by a lactation professional), but then you've got to do it all over again every 3 hours. Let me back up. Many people, especially in the birth field are familiar with the occurrence of tongue ties in newborns. They CAN, although don't always, create functional issues that disrupt proper latching and can be fixed by a minor oral surgery called a frenectomy. This cuts the tie and

#MeToo for Babies.

When I teach my Comforting Touch for Babies classes, one of the first things I talk about are the 3 core steps of any good baby massage. Step 1: Relax yourself. Step 2: Ask permission. Step 3: Touch them nicely. Of course the bulk of our sessions are focused on all the wonderful techniques that amount to "touching them nicely". But in this era of #metoo, it is clear that this second step is so vitally important! Obviously babies can't offer verbal consent, but we can start teaching them young, even as newborns, that touch is safe, that what they want and don't want matters, and they can trust they won't be touched against their will. Babies give us permission when they are quiet, alert and e

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