Rhythm, Routine, & Consistency

Rhythm, routine, consistency. Three loves of our nervous systems. I was reminded of this in a recent yoga class. We started with slow deep breaths. In breath...out breath. In breath...out breath. In breath...out breath. Rhythm. Consistency. It’s amazing how such a simple act can create such calm. In birth too of course, deep steady breathing is a well known coping tool. Beyond focused breathing, women in labor, especially unmedicated labor, will typically seek and create a ritual of some kind. A routine. A certain way of rocking, moaning, breathing. A certain kind of sounds, touch, lighting. Anything to create a sense of consistency to soothe her nervous system into a relaxed state. And just

Comfort Measures

Last week I posted a simple question to my facebook page. “If you’ve given birth, what was one of your favorite comfort measures?” The response was amazing. Over 90 comments later, I was able to compile an extraordinary and comprehensive list of comfort measures, available here. For now, here are a few things that stood out: 1. Mamas are powerful: Phew!! And creative, and sensual, and strong, and wise, and resourceful, and courageous, and bad-ass! 2. The power of support: The difference a partner, doula, midwife can make is enormously meaningful yet often quite simple. Listening, giving permission, holding you up, offering a sip of cold water are just a few examples but the feeling of being

A Comforting Touch Doula Story #1 - Erin Pasquet

I'm so excited to share this short video shot by Erin Pasquet, an amazing doula who attended one of my Comforting Touch workshops last year. I asked her to share a story of a time she used what she learned in our class so that others could take away some kind of lesson from her experience. Well, that she did! Watch the video below and hear what Erin has to say. Hint: A big part of a doulas job is to make the mamas partner shine! I've got multiple Comforting Touch workshops coming up this winter and spring for both doulas and expectant parents. Join the tribe and subscribe. I can't wait to know your Comforting Touch story!

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