Constructive Rest

I learned this restorative practice in a psoas workshop with my teacher, Liz Koch. Since then this has been a lifesaver for me on many occasions. I use it as a wonderful way to release tension in my lower back, to make the most of any downtime during a birth and on the flip side to help my body replenish after a long birth. But anyone can use it anytime for deep relaxation and overall health. What makes this resting pose so restorative is how it causes the psoas muscle to slacken, helping the muscle into a relaxed state. The psoas is one of the main muscles involved in our sympathetic nervous system's flight, flight, and freeze response. It reaches from our mid-back to our inner thighs, so w

Achievable Goals

This week I got to thinking about achievable goals. As many of you know my husband Sam and I have been trying to conceive for a few years now and finally our fertility journey has brought us to IVF. Speaking with our IVF doctor for the first time revealed the importance of achieving a certain weight in order to move forward. (For out patient procedures, a recipient's bmi must be below a certain number for anaesthesia, and mine wasn't!) Well if that wasn't enough motivation for me to finally make some changes! I got to work and managed to shed 22 lbs in time for our anticipated start date, or so I thought. We learned that actually the doctor had miscalculated and in fact I needed to lose 5 mo

Bubbling Spring

One of my all time favorite acupressure points, Kidney-1. Also named "Bubbling Spring" this point is located on the sole of each foot where the kidney meridian emerges. The kidney organ in Chinese medicine is associated with the adrenal glands and thus, our stress response. Depending on how this point is stimulated it can have a sedating or energizing effect. (Think, when you're feeling anxious like a "bubbling spring" and you just need to chill out, or you've lost your mojo from being so stressed out that you need to reconnect with your inner "bubbling spring" to perk you back up.) Either way, Kidney-1 influences a person's nervous system and in many instances bring deep calm by decreasing

What if she doesn't like what I'm doing?

A great question came out in last month's survey, asking how to deal with something every birth support person worries about at some point, and that is, "what if she doesn't like what I'm doing?" Throughout my Comforting Touch for Birth guidebook I reference various ways to relate with laboring women when it comes to offering comforting touch. How to look for non-verbal cues for instance, or what to do when she asks you to stop doing something, for example. Most of the time I've always felt reassured knowing that as most women get deeper into their birthing experience, the less likely she is to suffer in silence. What I usually teach is that, generally speaking, if she's not telling you to s

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