The Sleep Hormone & The Love Hormone Walk Into A Bar...

A few weeks ago I listened to this amazing interview with Michel Odent, a French obstetrician and physiological childbirth specialist. The topic of the conversation was about the impact of artificial light on melatonin production and birth. According to Dr. Odent, the results of recent studies are clear that there is a synergistic relationship between oxytocin (the bonding and love hormone, as well as the hormone that stimulates uterine contractions) and melatonin (a sleep regulating hormone). We know it is common for women to go into labor at night when it’s dark (and melatonin is naturally present) but this interview helped me understand a bit more about why! Melatonin helps us sleep by tu

Not a One Walk Dog

Last week I attended my Level III Positional Therapy training. It's interesting how we hear different things at different times. In the fall when I attended the first two levels, I left feeling awed and wow-ed by the immediate effects of this bodywork. I was amazed by the fact that someone could come in with a chronic knee or back issue and leave their session feeling like new. Then I came home and got to work. And while I did find some amazing, instantly gratifying results in many cases, I also found an equal number of cases in which my client's condition didn't miraculously and completely go away! Fast forward to this Level III training and I heard something new. I heard that while some di

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