My Tongue Tie Release Story Continued.

First of all, I can't believe I'm not embarrassed to share this post! But I did say I would share the rest of this story so here goes... Heads up, the photos below, yes of my mouth, are graphic. I'm actually sharing the images I sent my doctor at 4 days, 1 week, 2 weeks and 6 weeks post-surgery, for the curious among you. I so wish I had a before shot, but I entered this so nonchalantly that I didn't bother documenting anything because I hadn't quite realized what I was getting myself into. You can find my first tongue tie release blog post here. So now at 6 weeks post tongue tie release, it's obviously a whole different experience. In fact the pain I described during that first week ended w

How Clothespins Work.

It’s Comforting Touch season around here and I’m loving it. I realized some of my most favorite moments of class are those when a participant ends up teaching ME something, which happens a lot! Yesterday I learned a perfect way to explain to expectant parents how our counter-pressure as doulas works. One student asked because she noticed some of her clients’ partners looking on in horror with the amount of pressure we can use when our clients are in labor. I often say you could drill a hole through her pelvis during labor and it would barely be enough pressure. Not all, but many people want shockingly deep pressure during contractions. But to an outsider of our profession it can beg the ques

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