You're Pregnant! Now What?!

As a doula and childbirth educator I’ve worked with hundreds of couples in preparation for the birth of their child. Experience has taught me that there are several things that can be done to make a real difference in your childbirth experience. The following is my short list of 3 birth preparation essentials to help you on your way to a positive and empowered birth. Hire a Doula. If you haven’t already done so, consider the benefits of hiring a doula. Birth doulas are there to provide the emotional, physical and informational support couples need to navigate the unfamiliar terrain of birth. We provide continuous support unmatched by your other medical care providers to offer a myriad of phy

A Few Questions?

Without question, there are some definite things worth knowing about your care provider’s approach to birth that you will only discover by asking. Here are my top three questions to ask your care provider so you will know what to expect before the distant months become just weeks or days before the anticipated day. Question #1: What do you think about our hiring a doula? If you are someone who values the emotional, physical and informational support of a doula, it would be helpful to know if this is something your care provider opposes or supports. A care provider’s response to this will point to a critical alignment or misalignment in values. A doula may not be for everyone, however if you

The Touch Women Want

What kind of touch do women want in labor? I'll tell you! In childbirth the kind of touch a woman wants is in some ways different and in many ways similar to the kind of touch she appreciates when she’s not in labor. 21 years of combined massage and doula experience has taught me what you need to know. Tip #1: During contractions women tend to prefer a firm and consistent touch. The partner’s aim during contractions is to provide an anchor in the same way a laboring woman might be inclined to squeeze her partner’s hand or hang on to their shoulders. A partner’s touch when steady during contractions can feel grounding, like there’s something she can count on while the intensity of the contrac

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