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Low back pain relief!

I have a gift for you this week for those of you who ever suffer with low back pain or tension or wish you could help someone else who does.

Low back pain is a super common complaint and whether I'm teaching Comforting Touch or working with people one on one, it comes up often.

Recently I was reminded of a wonderful exercise that helps release the low back by stretching the psoas muscle and can be useful to practically anyone. Whether your lower back gets achy, stiff or tired from sitting too much or standing too much or even from the emotional stresses of life, this simple stretch helps relieve pain and stiffness by releasing your hip flexors to restore balance between your front and back body.

Don't take my word for it though. Try the exercise yourself (below) and let me know how it goes. Personally I find it offers me immediate relief. I hope it does the same for you.

And if you're a doula who's interested in better understanding the psoas, the role it plays in birth and labor, and how your touch can make all the difference for your clients, check out my schedule of Comforting Touch for Doulas trainings here.

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