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Healing bad water-birth associations

This week I worked with someone, who now pregnant with her 3rd child, was harboring negative associations from one of her previous births that made her averse to the idea of birthing in water or using water as a potential comfort measure during labor. Trauma in this sense was as simple as her brain drawing a connection between water and a scary part of a previous labor when she just so happened to be immersed in water.


That's how neural connections work. They link up and create associations, positive or negative, in parts of our mammalian brain in order to protect, and/or support us, to avoid danger and/or promote safety, as the case may be, for our survival!


Her brain created a shorthand pathway to protect her from potential threat by associating water in labor with danger. It's really brilliant if you think about it.


What's amazing about Havening though, is that when she realized this association was in place, and she no longer wanted the association for protection because she could now see with her rational mind that the water was not actually to blame for what happened, we could Haven that association away.


There's a whole bunch of neuroscience involved in understanding how this is possible that I'm not going to go into right now, but the fact remains, whether she ends up using water for comfort in labor or not, it is now an option that no longer scares her because the power of Havening dismantled the parts of her brain that had been holding that association in place.


Freakin' amazing, right?!


Let's spread the word about this powerful healing modality for unwinding prior trauma, and/or building the kind of resilience that can help prevent it. I'm offering virtual Havening sessions privately in addition to these birth-worker trainings. See you there?


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