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Waiting, anxiously.

As my doula client hit 42 weeks with no signs of labor, I was looking for inspirational quotes on waiting.

The first one that came up was how patience isn’t waiting, it’s how you act while waiting.

Well, here’s the thing, if you CAN wait patiently, calmly, etc...awesome. Go you!

But what if or when you can’t? If you do your waiting, like me, with a little (or a lot of) crazy, anxious, emotional, etc.

I want you to know two things. You’re not alone and it’s okay. You have permission to feel all those feelings.

Maybe we wouldn’t call it patient, but I’m happy to call it human. Because I prefer the wisdom of this quote.

"Don't forget that you're human. It's okay to have a melt down. Just don't unpack and live there. Cry it out, then refocus on where you are headed."

I recently became a certified havening techniques practitioner. Woot woot!! (You may have heard me share about havening already and you certainly will hear me share more about it as I integrate it more fully into my practice. It is truly an amazing tool for emotional healing and resiliency.)

Havening is a psycho-sensory healing technique that uses a repetitive soothing touch to produce an effect on our brains and neurochemistry that has the power to actually heal trauma and makes significant emotional change possible.

It is the kind of tool that invites you to both cry it out, AND refocus on where you're headed. My favorite combo!

I've been able to use it to significantly reduce and in some cases completely resolve prenatal and postpartum anxiety.

Pregnant or not, if you are looking for support in this way, to relieve your anxiety, to help you bear life's waiting, and maybe even cultivate more of that elusive friend, patience, please reach out or send your loved ones to me.

I can't wait to share havening with more and more people!

P.S. Baby did arrive at 42 weeks + 4 days, healthy and happy! Worth all the waiting for sure!

P.P.S. If you've had any personal experience with havening, please share in the comments.

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