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Foot Massage Video

Foot massage is perhaps one of life’s greatest pleasures. It enhances blood circulation throughout the entire body and can be deeply relaxing and grounding. (To avoid ticklishness, remember to use firm pressure.)

During pregnancy, foot massage can be especially welcome during the third trimester and summer months to reduce swelling and relieve the strain of your added body weight. What a great way for any partner to say thank you for carrying our baby!

For doulas, it can be a great bonus to offer clients a foot massage during any postpartum visits. Mom can even sit back and enjoy your skills while breastfeeding!

View below to learn this simple foot massage protocol. Remember this was the first video I ever made, so pardon my novice! We’re ALL learning! But you will get the clear drift for what to do if you want to give anyone a great foot massage (pregnant or otherwise). Just grab a partner and practice away!

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