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Better Than a Cup of Coffee

It may be shocking and I may be the only birth professional who feels this way, but I have to admit, I do not like the way coffee feels.

I love the taste and will enjoy a cup of decaf, but especially when I'm exhausted or during an all-nighter, I hate the way caffeine feels in my body.

What's a doula to do?! (By the way anyone who needs a pick me up, birth worker or not can use this technique.)

Anyway, I was so grateful the day I learned breath of joy; a yoga practice that instantly energizes me. In Chinese medicine air qi, or air energy is a true source of vitality. Breath of joy energizes me with breath and doesn't give me the jitters.

This one is an especially handy tool to have in your toolbox when you need a lift during a long birth. Even if you love your coffee, you'll want to try this. It is instantly refreshing with no negative side effects.

Watch this video demonstration here:

Then join me by clicking on the link for my FREE webinar Self-Care for Doulas: How to Sustain Yourself and Your Business (Because being a doula shouldn't kill you!) to learn more ways to avoid doula burnout and sustain your well-being naturally!

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