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Pardon My Sweaty Palms!

One of my absolute favorite things about teaching Comforting Touch for Doulas is the way it spontaneously becomes an opportunity for doulas to openly and safely air their insecurities. There is something so powerful and comforting in walking our insecurities out of the proverbial closet to free them from being held in shame. 


Even if my specific insecurities are different from yours, there is a comfort in knowing, wow, that amazing person doubts themselves too?! I’m not the only one who feels nervous about my client’s seeing this or that “flaw” about me. Or hearing something like “how interesting that you feel embarrassed by that thing, I wouldn’t even notice, or be bothered by that at all!”


That’s what happened when one doula at the last training shared her concern about her sweaty palms “problem”. The majority thought among us was to first consider the possibility that when someone is busy sweating during their own labor, and being grateful for your massaging hands and hip squeezes, they won’t likely care about your sweaty palms.


But also you could choose to give a simple heads up to relieve your discomfort by saying something like, “pardon my sweaty palms” before touching them, just to name the elephant in the room of your mind! 


Finally, if the thought continues to haunt, it’s worth bringing that concern out of the shadows and let them know in advance that you have chronically sweaty hands. Find out FOR REAL if it bothers them, and if so you can put fabric between your hands and their skin, or possibly learn if in fact they don’t actually care. 


Regardless, you, like they, are human, and sharing like this supports the building of intimacy. Inviting them to be more comfortable sharing vulnerably with you only serves the intimate work you’re doing with them anyway.


Whether in a class with me, or in another supportive setting, I highly recommend sharing the things you feel self-conscious about, so you don’t have to unnecessarily suffer in silence. More comfort for all!  


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